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Sometimes, the answer to this question is obvious, or may appear so. Other times, it takes some investigating...
Our Six Step Diagnostic Procedure...
  1. Our first step is to listen to you so we can understand your problem.
  2. Secondly, we'll visually inspect and investigate the logical problem area.
  3. Next, we'll test drive your vehicle to experience and get a better feel for the problem firsthand and try to pinpoint what's wrong.
  4. After that, we'll discuss our findings with you.
  5. Then we'll give you our recommendation and answer any questions of yours
  6. Finally, we'll put our findings and recommendations in writing

Sometimes we still need more information before knowing the problem and recommending a solution. If further diagnosis is necessary, we'll let you know.

This may include:

  • Scan checking the electronic control systems.
  • Hydraulic pressure test.
  • Removal and inspection of pan.
  • Removal of the transmission for disassembly and inspection.
These checks involve a cost and will be done only upon your prior written approval.

In addition to quality work, our commitment to excellence applies to customer service. It means that we will take the time to explain all the options available to you.
This makes you better informed and able to make the best decision possible for your situation.

To Fix or Not to Fix...
To help you decide whether to fix or not, consider the following:

How much longer would you like to keep your vehicle?

Plus, the general condition of your vehicle's:
Brakes, Cooling System, Tires, Exhaust, Battery, Engine, Body, and Interior.

Overall Condition? Do you like your vehicle?
Does it meet your needs? What would it cost to replace it?

How do you prefer to cover your repairs...

Since transmission repair costs are non-budgeted items for most people, we offer financing through GE Capital Consumer Card Co.

We accept cash, checks, Master Card, VISA, Discover and American Express
Our team of specialists has the talent and skill to get you on your way as quickly and safely as possible.

They are backed by the latest specialty tools, modern equipment, computerized diagnostics and a 200 volume reference library, plus an immense computer library. We also subscribe to four major technical hotlines for instant answers. Our parts department has over 6,000 parts on hand. All this helps ensure timely completion of your job.

Knowledge, skill and teamwork means fast professional results for you.

Other Services We Provide...

Clutch, Axle, Exhaust Repair, 24 Hour Towing (If no answer, contact any Dodge County area towing facility and ask them to tow your vehicle directly to our shop.)